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Merry Chrismas ( sa zakasnjenjem )

Happy Holidays from Robward Cullenson~!

I haven't made a wallpaper in ages and I apologize! And what better time to start up again than Christmas time? This picture of Robert Pattinson is one of my favorites. He looks so chic and joyful. So I stuck a Santa hat on him, gave him a candy cane, and he was perfect for the holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! =D


Friends and Family

I made another holiday-ish background, this time with three of the lovely Twilight boys: Kittlez Lutz, Spunk Ransom, and Shark Boy. ;D I just started meddling around with the photograph, cutting it in peices and playing with the colors. I added some flowers, too. I don't know, I suppose this is just my artistic side shining through. Well, I hope all of you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family! (or maybe even your enemies)


Summer Love, Stars, and Cabin Fever

Click to make them bigger!
I finally decided that this lazy, rainy afternoon would be a perfect time to sit my behind down at the computer and set to work on some spiffy Twilight wallpapers. When I put my mind to something, it almost always gets done. It's just the "putting my mind" part that trips me up. My mind doesn't like to be put anywhere. ;P
Just recently, Teen Vogue released the shots from a Twilight-cast photoshoot that they did, but never published. I thought it was fabulous, and immediately right-click-save'd my favorite photos. And I was surprised by how many others really disliked this shoot. So not many of you may like these wallpapers, but hey. It was a risk I was willing to take.
Anyway, with Kristen looking luscious in thick red lipstick and Robert sporting some glasses and looking fiiine in white, I simply couldn't pass up using this for a wallpaper. I cut them and the tree seperately, thinking I would use a different background, but then I pasted in parts of the original background in there and it looked great. I decided it needed some of my own touches, though, so I put some doodles on the trunk and slipped in Bella and Edward there behind them, kind of spirit-like. I don't know. =P
You're probably wondering who on earth would play crocket in a black suit and a gaudy dress. A couple of dazzling Twilight stars, that's who! I thought this particular shot of the two of them said "I'm famous and I know it", so that's where the flashy background and sparkles came from. And Kristen is the one flaunting the funny glasses this time. I actually thinks she looks quite sharp in them. =]
I liked this picture especially, just because they all look like pale but beautiful and chic vampires from the old times (well, except Nikki Reed, because she's really tan. And I guess Rob looks more funky than chic ;D). The cabin and the bikes and the long grass...I don't know, there's just a certain mysterious and almost spooky air about it. So I cropped and cut a couple different parts from it and then rearranged them. I wanted to make Kristen and Rob stand out, just because they're them, yet I wanted to include the rest of 'em as well.

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12.03.2009. of the vampirs

Twilight..World of the vampirs...i hope so that you don't scrared because picutres on my web site...


Sarich b-day

Biloo najjjjacheeeeeee....<3<3<3<3<3....


selmich b-day

jucer selmin b-day ludilooo skoro do 10 navecer bilo extraaaa

ja i emina za skankomm... ludoooooooooooooooooo


volim teee selmichh



Odlučila sam započeti ponovno....

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